Top 10 Best Travel Credit Cards in UAE

Best travel credit cards UAE: There are only a few things in life which are as enticing as something that offers opportunities to travel to exotic locations all over the world for free or at discounted prices. It was the banks that were the first to know this and have been offering travel rewards to the customers for a long time.

Travel credit cards are very popular in UAE and the card providers offer these cards with an extensive range of rewards and benefits. To help you make an informed decision, we have listed 10 of the top travel credit cards in UAE.

Best Credit Card in UAE for Travel

best travel credit cards uae

The 10 best travel credit cards in UAE that we will discuss here are:

  1. ADCB Etihad Guest Above Infinite Card
  2. Citibank Emirates- Citibank Ultima
  3. Citibank Citi Premier
  4. AMEX The American Express Gold Card
  5. ADCB TouchPoints Titanium Card
  6. ADIB Edge Card
  7. American Express Platinum Credit Card
  8. American Express Gold Card
  9. Emirates NBD Skywards Infinite
  10. ADIB Value Card

But before that, let’s checkout what is a travel credit card and how to choose the best one.

What is a Travel Credit Card

Travel credit cards provide several opportunities to earn reward points which can be redeemed for free or discounted flight tickets, hotel bookings, and a lot more. To offer the best of benefits to the customers, the card providers team up with travel brands to offer signup bonuses, special discounts, loyalty points, and a lot more.

How to Select the Best Travel Credit Card?

Some of the things that can help you in selecting a travel credit card include-

  • Signup Bonus – Card providers now offer amazing bonuses for signing up with them. So, make sure that you do compare the signup bonus before selecting a travel credit card.
  • Multiple Spending Category Bonus – There are cards which offer special bonuses when you shop at a particular store, particular brand or dine at a particular outlet. These bonuses enable you to quickly earn more reward points.
  • Minimum Annual Fees – Generally, it is the cards with an annual fee that offers better benefits as compared to the ones with zero annual fee. However, the annual fee should not be very high.

Now let’s checkout the top 10 travel credit cards in UAE in detail.

Top 10 Credit Cards for UAE Travel

ADIB Value Card

With no annual fee and minimum salary requirements, ADIB Value Card is one of the easiest to get. It comes with great benefits like rewards on international and local spends, discounts on dining and flight tickets.

Emirates NBD Skywards Infinite

The card offers free Skywards Silver membership along with free access to 500+ airport lounges in UAE. Valet parking at selected malls, concierge services, dining, and shopping offers are some other benefits.

American Express Gold Card

The card helps you earn 1 point for every Dh4 you spend and the points can be redeemed for flight tickets of more than 10 airlines. It also offers free access to hundreds of airport lounges in the UAE.

American Express Platinum Credit Card

The rewards that you earn with this card can be redeemed for flight tickets of 12+ airlines. Access to 700+ airport lounges all over the world, discounts on traveling, dining, etc. make it an excellent travel credit card.

ADIB Edge Card

The credit card offers free access to 750+ airport lounges along with free golf rounds once every month. Dining offers, shopping discounts, valet parking and multi-trip travel cover are some of the additional benefits.

ADCB TouchPoints Titanium Card

This credit card allows you to pick a rewards program which suits your life. With complimentary ticket upgrades, access to airport lounges, no annual fee, and free movie tickets, the card is a lot more than just a standard travel credit card.

AMEX The American Express Gold Card

The reward points collected with this card can be redeemed for flight tickets of 12+ airlines. With amazing offers on leisure, travel, shopping, and dining, the card is sure to provide you with a rewarding travel experience.

Citibank Citi Premier

If you love golf and traveling, this card is exclusively for you. Along with access to more than 700 airport lounges and free travel insurance, the card also offers complimentary golf once every month.

Citibank Emirates- Citibank Ultima

With unlimited complimentary golf and access to 500+ airport lounges, this is one of the best travel credit cards. It offers features like 25,000 Skywards miles on signup, 10,000 miles on renewal and free international concierge services.

ADCB Etihad Guest Above Infinite Card

Number one on the list is the Etihad Guest Above Infinite Card which comes with a 50,000 reward point bonus. The card comes with great features, like free golf rounds, access to airport lounges, vouchers to upgrade flight tickets and complimentary chauffeur service.

Which is the Best Travel Credit Cards in UAE

So which one do you think is the best in the list? You need to understand the features of each and every card before making a decision and make sure that you select the one which efficiently matches your travelling needs. Please feel free to share this article with your friends and family.