Top 10 Best Travel Credit Cards UK in 2017

You might first want to know which is the best travel credit cards UK, if you are planning a trip in near future. When we think of quick money, credit cards is the only option that comes to the mind. Purchases, travel expenditure, daily expenditure and even the monthly instalments, it is a security that you carry in your pocket.

How to Choose the Best Travel Credit Cards UK?

Everybody use it for different needs and according to the needs, there are different specifications of it. Frequent flyer, cash back, rewards, interest-free, no annual fee are some of the advantages of the latest cards. Now let’s checkout the list of best credit cards for UK travel.

best travel credit cards UK

British Airways American Express Premium plus Credit Card

This card comes with an annual fee of 195 pounds with 2.99% interest on the foreign purchases made outside the country. It has a welcome bonus of 25,000 Avios points which will be added after spending 3,000 pounds within first 3 months. 3 Avios points on a dollar spent on British Airways and 1.25 points on all other purchases.

Saga Platinum

This one from Saga is one of the best travel credit cards UK. It has 0% interest on foreign transactions made worldwide for a lifetime with 0% on the balance transfer for first 9 months. After the renewal of 9 months, the fee for balance transfers will be 3% of the total amount. With no foreign transaction fee, this is one of the best but you need to be 50 or older to hold this card.

The Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express

This card comes with an annual fee of 75 pounds with 2.99% of interest on foreign transactions. The customer will get 10,000-star points as a welcome bonus with a limit of spending 1000 pounds in three months span to avail this offer. These points can be redeemed on different flights and luxury hotels.

British Airways American Express Credit Card

This is another one of the best travel credit cards UK that comes with a welcome offer of 9000 bonus Avios points with travel and shopping protection and also enrols you to British Airways Executive club. These points will be added to the account after the purchase of 1,000 pounds within first 3 months. It has no Annual fee with 2.99% interest on foreign transactions.

Sainsbury’s Bank Dual Credit Card

With no Annual fee applicable on this card, the customer will get 5000 Nectar points as a bonus with spending of 250 pounds on the store in the first month of the purchase. 2 Nector points will be added with 1 pound spent on Sainsbury and 1 point with 5 pounds spend elsewhere. It has a 2.75% interest on foreign transactions and a limited offer till March 26, 2017.

Post Office Platinum MasterCard

Post Office Platinum is one of the best no annual travel credit cards. It has no foreign transaction fee with 0% interest on balance transfer for first 22 months. Purchases which are made within the country will be with 0% interest for first 3 months. The customer should be a local resident of UK and should have a good credit rating to get a hold on this card.

Aqua Advance Credit card

Aqua has no annual fee, which is applicable for the lifetime. This no foreign transaction fee credit card is great for travelling to the UK. It also gives you an option to get access to your credit report for an unlimited time which is payable with other banks. It has an interest free credit for first 51 days.

Aqua Reward with Cashback

The is the best credit card for UK travel during your holidays, as there are no applicable fees on the purchase made in abroad. After approval, the customer will get a 20 pounds Amazon gift certificate with 0.5% cashback on all purchases. Starting limit of the card will vary from 250 to 1200 pounds and will be increased with the 4th statement.

Satander All in One Credit card

All in one Credit card by Satander is the upgraded version of Satander Zero with much benefit to sharing with the customers. This card comes with 36 pounds as an annual fee and no transaction fee on purchases and cash withdrawals abroad. There will be 0% on balance transfers for first 41 months and the customer can earn unlimited cashback on the purchases made without any cap.

Nationwide Select Credit Card

This card is limited to the customers who have a nationwide current account. It has no annual and foreign transaction fee. The customer will get .5% of cash back for the purchases made with sterling and this is without any limit. First 15 months will have 0% interest on all purchases and for first 26 months on balance transfers. After the renewal, the balance transfer fee will be 2.4% of the total amount transferred.

So these are some of the best travel credit cards UK. Did you use any of these? How was your experience. Please feel free to share your experience with the best credit cards for UK travel.